Danelaw Coffee

Their Mission:

To source and roast the best, most exclusive and rarest coffees in the world; to help celebrate those special occasions; to provide thoughtful and meaningful gifts for coffee lovers; to benefit coffee producers across the world by providing a showcase for their very best coffees and while doing so, leave no harm behind for the environment.

The Brief:

David Jameson is a coffee expert and highly regarded in his field. He has won multiple awards including the Coffee & Spirits World Championship in 2014.

Having spent over 15 years in the industry with small scale coffee roasters through to major supermarket names, he decided the time had come to branch out on his own. His worldwide connections meant he knew the farmers personally, knew the personal stories of the growers and had been involved in all the processes, from bean to cup over the years.

David, is proud to have been raised near Yorkshire in the U.K. which is known as Danelaw country. Danelaw Coffee was born and he needed a logo and strategy guidance.

The Outcome:

The client loved the logo and the suggested styling for photography, packaging and materials. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in personal circumstance, the business has been temporarily paused but will hopefully launch in the not too distant future.


"From the first consultation, working with Tom felt like a partnership. Discussing the mission, ethos and priorities I wanted the capture within the brand with him helped me crystallise the exact business model I wanted to pursue. His ideas and contributions were insightful and positive, and his creative reinterpretation of the source material I sent him was spot on. What I ended up with was a logo I was really happy with, and a strong visual identity for my brand that will serve me well now and in the future.

Without hesitation I would work with Tom again, and I look forward to doing so."

David Jameson

Founder, Danelaw Coffee

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