Sussex Plumbing Supplies

Their Mission:

Sussex Plumbing Supplies, as the name suggests, is a plumbing merchant based in East Sussex!

Founded in 2000 with a single trade branch, the goal of SPS has always been to provide an extensive range of products, at competitive prices with exceptional service for their customers.

From their initial single branch, they now have trade branches in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Hastings, Bexhill, Uckfield & Lewes as well as retail showrooms open to the public in Polegate, Bexhill and Lewes and a new Kitchen department in the flagship Polegate showroom.

The Brief:

To provide all design, marketing and communications for the entire company as an ongoing contract.

The Outcome:

This is a relationship that has existed since 2015 and the role has meant that Tom is seen as a full member of the SPS team (even attending the SPS Christmas party each year)!

Every aspect of the marketing has been handled by Tom & Friends. Monthly email newsletters, quarterly deals brochures, stationery, flyers, leaflets, signage, social media, online advertising, event sponsorship, strategy, marketing plans, website and everything in between.

The Impact:

SPS have continued to thrive with the design and marketing aiding the growth of the company. Sales teams have had the material they need to push the company forward and the SPS brand has a reputation of going the extra mile for their customers and is seen as a supplier of great products. They are well respected within the industry and are gaining a strong reputation within the retail sector now as well.

As the company continues to grow and diversify, the marketing and design will aid in that drive forward.

The Finer Details:

The relationship between Tom and Sussex Plumbing Supplies has existed for over a decade with the role growing since the birth of Tom & Friends in 2015.

Sussex Plumbing Supplies expanded their offering by opening up retail stores to the general public in 2016. During this period we created a new suite of sub-brand logos to sit beneath the SPS umbrella. These sub-brands are visible throughout the showrooms and the supporting marketing material. They help remove the intimidation that can sometimes occur for members of the public when entering a trade environment.

Communication has always been at the forefront of everything we have done. The trade counters are laid back, sociable areas where plumbers often come just to have a catch up chat with staff and fellow customers over a cup of tea. The marketing has reflected this with an informal tone, bold, clear imaging and even a cartoon mascot, Steven Seagull!

The retail marketing has concentrated on building awareness of the sub-brands but emphasising that with the company's knowledge of the industry through its trade background means that there is a vast wealth of expertise available to customers.

Visually everything that SPS put into the public domain ties together and is cohesive which helps build on the brands foundation of trust and expertise.

"Tom has been working with us since 2015 and is well and truly part of our team. He liaises will all the directors, branch managers and key members of staff to ensure their day-to-day marketing, digital and print requirements are met as well as aiding with the longterm marketing strategies and implementation to meet our business goals.”

Glenn Vinall
CEO & Founder - Sussex Plumbing Supplies

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