Branding Workshops

A branding workshop can have a massive positive impact on your business and help the entire team focus on what your company really stands for, who the company's perfect customers really are and ensure all aspects of your messaging fit in with your business goals.

The outcome of the workshop will be strategic clarity with clearly defined steps to take to rebrand, relaunch and grow.

Captain Guiding The Ship

Step 1

A conversation to loosely establish goals.

Step 2

Discuss budget up front to ensure expectations are aligned.

Step 3

Schedule workshops and agree prep work for both parties.

Step 4

The fun part - the discovery workshop. This is where the magic happens.

Step 5

Creation of the strategy road map to provide clarity for your business.

Step 6

Creation of a brief for branding requirements and deliverables.

The next step

Obviously we would love to work on your branding project, after all, at this stage we are really invested in your goals and vision. We also fully understand that you may have existing relationships with design agencies or an internal design team, that’s cool, all we want is for you to be successful. We will liaise with them to help in any way we can to ensure a transition is seamless.

Blog posts

Our opinions and observations about the world of business, branding and strategy.

Black Lives Matter

As a white male, born and bred in Eastbourne, East Sussex, I live in a town which is over 90% white. I’m in a bubble. I don’t see in my day-to-day life the struggles that are shown and described on the TV, radio and online. Not seeing it first-hand should never be an excuse not to act though.

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Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

A CHO could turn your business into the most sought after place to work. Attract and retain the best talent and become a money making machine through the art of delight!

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Time to reset everything?

Your business is constantly evolving which means your brand should as well. Right now, we are all in lockdown and I guarantee you've learned something new about your business in these strange times. Perhaps now is the perfect time to revisit messaging, services or even for a complete brand reset?

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