About us

Tom & Friends is pretty much as it sounds. A team of friends, with a range of skills that are utilised depending on the requirements of the project. Tom Buttle is the founder, owner and driving force behind the business and since 2002 has been privileged to meet and work with some incredibly talented people. The result is we have a tight-knit group that collaborates to provide exceptional strategic plans with targeted messaging and beautiful design to aid you and your company reach their goals.

Tom has built a career based on his original abilities as a graphic designer and through years of communicating with hundreds of local, national and international clients has built a tried and tested process to help businesses discover their core values, perfect customer personas and their true “why”.

Captain Guiding The Ship

Blog posts

Our opinions and observations about the world of business, branding and strategy.

Your brand is NOT your logo!

“It’s time to rebrand, we need a new logo” is something we regularly hear but a new logo doesn’t constitute a rebrand.

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Time to reset everything?

How to thrive in uncertain times

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The importance of stories

Everyone loves a good story. Start telling yours.

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