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Customer stories

We are always proud of the finished products we create but the real fun is the process!

East Sussex Youth Cabinet

Audit document to encourage energy savings in schools
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Back To School

Campaign to encourage children back to school after lockdown
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Local Offer Workshops

Workshops to better understand parent carers searches for information
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Scam Marshals

Creating a campaign to hit a target number of registrations.
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Sussex Plumbing Supplies

Everything marketing, communication and design related
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Rebrand and relaunch - Making a difference to the SEND community
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Our fit

My team and I are unapologetically picky about who we work with and that is for both your benefit and ours.
We want to be in a position where we are constantly excited about your project and therefore always do our finest work.
This means it is vital that our companies are a good match to ensure success.

Give me a call today to have a chat and let’s get to know each other :-)

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Tom Buttle - Brand Strategist & Founder

Three simple steps to clarity

We chat

Everything starts with a good old fashioned conversation. Ideally in person but if location (or global pandemic) prevents this then over the phone or via Skype/Zoom et al. If our companies seem a good fit then we can progress forward and get to the exciting bit!

We discover

A brand strategy workshop is the perfect way to dig into where your business is now and where it wants to be in the future. The result is complete clarity on how to move forward which leads to a more successful branding process.

We guide

Your brand’s vision, core values and customer personas will all be mapped out so that tactical decisions can be made. Deliverables will be discussed and you can either use us or another agency to carry out the actual implementation.

Blog posts

Our opinions and observations about the world of business, branding and strategy.

Your brand is NOT your logo!

“It’s time to rebrand, we need a new logo” is something we regularly hear but a new logo doesn’t constitute a rebrand.

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Time to reset everything?

How to thrive in uncertain times

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The importance of stories

Everyone loves a good story. Start telling yours.

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