The importance of stories

January 2, 2021

Everyone remembers a good story.

In a world where we are bombarded by information, every business seems to be scrambling for micro-seconds of attention.

Instead of throwing features, stats and testimonials at your audience, focus on making your brand memorable through real storytelling.

By balancing emotion with just the right amount of information you can make your big ideas and values stick in people's minds. How your customers feel about your brand will give far greater returns than regurgitated facts and figures.

You MUST have clarity on who you're telling the story to.

We've referenced your brand's tribe in previous articles. In short, it is those people that use your product or service regardless of price point and will sing your praises from the rooftops to anyone that will listen. Creating a persona for the recipient of your story will help you tell it in a way that'll resonate and be in keeping with your brand.

For example, are you talking to teens who are more likely to be watching Youtube videos and TikToks than reading long articles or are you communicating with commuters who would find a podcast the perfect medium for content consumption.

Documentaries are stories too.

Often, companies feel that their industry isn't 'interesting' enough to be able to tell stories, but don't forget, documentaries are stories too. What you find to be mundane tasks within your day-to-day job, might be really interesting to others.

Take a quick flick through the Discovery channel and you'll be inundated with documentaries that have a reality show twist. Shows like Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch and Bitchin' Rides are a glamorous portrayal of what is effectively heavy machinery digging the earth in a mine, fishermen in freezing conditions and rough seas catching crabs and a group of mechanics restoring old cars. Depending on how it is framed, these are either mundane jobs or exciting TV shows!

So what makes them interesting viewing? Simple answer is, the people. We get to know the people carrying out the tasks, what makes them tick, what they like and dislike, how they interact with others. We are invested in the TV show because we care about the characters who've become the stars. The tasks become secondary and this is how your business can use stories to attract customers.

Every business has people involved, even if you're an individual running a business, you still have a story. It is time to start sharing what you do with the world, I guarantee it will be interesting to others, the key is thinking creatively about the things you and your team see, say and do in your day-to-day jobs.

For example, maybe you work in insurance, chances are, that is considered on the duller end of the spectrum but start sharing stories about the most bizarre claims you've received and that is social media gold.  

Work on a farm? That's perfect for a vlog. Early starts, sunrises, crisp frosty mornings, animals, fresh crops and heavy machinery could make beautiful videos. Better still would be collaborating with the businesses that use the produce from the farm to create finished products. Dairy cows being milked through to prize winning cheese will make people care about how your ingredient impacts the finished product.

Whatever business you're in, start telling stories.

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