The evolution of my business.

Since 2015, I have been a graphic designer with skills in brand identity, marketing, online advertising and print media. Over the years, I've been lucky enough to work on some exciting projects for a wide variety of clients and made connections with numerous creative, talented individuals.

These connections have led to an evolution of the business and the services on offer. With the pool of talented creatives I work with, collectively we can service much larger clients with more involved tasks and scale accordingly for each individual project.

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Blog posts

Our opinions and observations about the world of business, branding and strategy.

Black Lives Matter

As a white male, born and bred in Eastbourne, East Sussex, I live in a town which is over 90% white. I’m in a bubble. I don’t see in my day-to-day life the struggles that are shown and described on the TV, radio and online. Not seeing it first-hand should never be an excuse not to act though.

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Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

A CHO could turn your business into the most sought after place to work. Attract and retain the best talent and become a money making machine through the art of delight!

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Time to reset everything?

Your business is constantly evolving which means your brand should as well. Right now, we are all in lockdown and I guarantee you've learned something new about your business in these strange times. Perhaps now is the perfect time to revisit messaging, services or even for a complete brand reset?

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